Soil Stabilization Plus


Parking, Access Roads, Aircraft Landing Pads, Unpaved Dirt Roads, Mine Tailing Ponds, Odor/Vapor Suppression, Berms, Construction Sites , Fugitive Dust, Hydro seeding

Product Description

Environmental Products and Applications Inc. (EP&A) is the leading manufacturer of dust and erosion control products in the soil stabilization field, Soil Stabilization Plus is the ultimate soil stabilizer/dust control Product. It is a high performance, low cost, easy to apply acrylic copolymer that solves all dust control requirements When applied , will bond with the soil matrix to create an air-proof and water proof layer of protection that is Resistant to all weather and natural conditions. Soil Stabilization Plus is an acrylic copolymer that is most effective dust and particulate control product on the market, and lowers job costs and reduces water consumption. over 25 years in the dust control market, and used by more Governments, Military Agencies, and Fortune 500 Companies than any other dust Control or Soil Stabilization product.