Environment Information Management System (EIMS)

IES deployed EIMS at KNPC to closely monitor the emission from its 3 refinery sites and local marketing. The EIMS System consist of Air Emission Module, Water Module and Industrial Hygiene Module.

Following are some of the objectives:

  • Provide KNPC with standard IHS Customer Care services for all KNPC licensed modules.
  • Hotline telephone support (Web Support) and technical advice providing solutions through telephone by the Consultant .
  • Qualified Support Engineer at least 4 times a month.
  • On job training.
  • Developing new model emission by identifying and gathering relevant process data, map the data to EIMS DB and develop equations for pollutants.
  • Maintain/develop Crystal Reports
  • Support Industrial Hygiene Users with exposure monitoring and risk assessment
  • Support Water Module users with reports, outfalls.
  • Maintenance of Oracle Database/ Windows servers.