'Managing the Environment is Our Business'

Project List

Asbestos Removal – Hazardous waste management

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used in building construction materials until the 1980’s. Despite its fire-retardant capabilities, airborne asbestos causes respiratory disease and cancer.

IES mission was to prevent pollution, protect public health and support community development by providing safe and affordable abatement and clearance certification services.

Asbestos removal safety is our top priority. To us, mold, lead-based paint, or asbestos removal safety includes the publics, the environments, and our employees’ safety. Our team is intimately aware of the unique asbestos removal safety aspects of each job. Our extensive documentation will ensure that all regulatory and liability issues are covered from beginning to end.

IES team provides complete project management in all phases of Asbestos Abatement processes to include:

  • Historical Renovations and Site Restoration
  • Emergency Environmental Response
  • Demolition Excavation
  • Air Quality - Clearance and Monitoring
  • Lead Abatement and Removal
  • Asbestos Safety Training - 8 hour course required on asbestos awareness Asbestos Inspection
  • Remedial Design
  • Waste Transportation & Disposal
  • Clearance Certificates

Abatement Methodology which include but not limited to:

  • Signage
  • Clean Area
  • Decontamination Area
  • Bulk Sampling
  • Air Sampling and Clearance
  • Final Cleaning
  • Final Sampling
  • Disposal

Establishment of Regulatory Framework for Integrated Environmental Management

The goal of this project is to assist KEPA in building an Integrated Environmental Management System framework which provides public health protection from industrial pollution and improves environmental quality in the State of Kuwait.

The project which last for 3 years and had the following output:

  • Identifying main gaps in the current laws and regulations related to water quality and waste management
  • Establishing water and waste management framework by setting up the permit system, modifying the standards, specifying the entities and set up compliance and enforcement criteria
  • Establishing permit, Compliance and enforcement teams and identify their roles and train KEPA on these rules
  • Setup Compliance Information Management System (CIMS) and training KEPA, Stakeholder and Labs on using the electronic system for electronically reporting
  • Project recommendation to establish environmental police, lab certifying program, transportation qualification program, facility registering system.

This project had been conducted through IES with operation of Exponent and Earthsoft (the owner of EQuIS). The last stage of the project was focusing on training KEPA and implanting the established framework.

KEPA staff training was focusing on CIMS – Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) by Earthsoft, and “permit, compliance, enforcement ” roles to support the established framework

Consultant ran serial of training for Stakeholders and labs where they were introduced to integrated environmental management framework and CIMS, it contained practical sessions on EDP and EDD of EQuIS system.

Environment Information Management System (EIMS)

IES deployed EIMS at KNPC to closely monitor the emission from its 3 refinery sites and local marketing. The EIMS System consist of Air Emission Module, Water Module and Industrial Hygiene Module.

Following are some of the objectives:

  • Provide KNPC with standard IHS Customer Care services for all KNPC licensed modules.
  • Hotline telephone support (Web Support) and technical advice providing solutions through telephone by the Consultant .
  • Qualified Support Engineer at least 4 times a month.
  • On job training.
  • Developing new model emission by identifying and gathering relevant process data, map the data to EIMS DB and develop equations for pollutants.
  • Maintain/develop Crystal Reports
  • Support Industrial Hygiene Users with exposure monitoring and risk assessment
  • Support Water Module users with reports, outfalls.
  • Maintenance of Oracle Database/ Windows servers.