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Envirotac II Green Roads

IES is leading the way in establishing low-carbon, low-cost, highly durable transportation systems using in situ
aggregates and advanced Envirotac II co-polymer soil stabilizer. With over 20 years of world-wide industrial and
military experience, Envirotac II is the world’s best soil stabilizer and binding agent.

We recently completed a pilot project in Al Ain, UAE by transforming a 1.5 km farm road with mixed dirt/asphalt
into a finished green road using existing road material, water and Envirotac II. Application equipment included
a grader with a rip bar, a water truck with pressurized spray bar, a vibratory roller and a pneumatic rollers.
An asphalt milling/recycling machine was also tested to grind the partial asphalt surfaces prior to binding and
compaction. A series or spray applications, compaction and grading was conducted to properly mix the diluted
Envirotac II with the road material and form into a shaped, smooth surface. Carbon black was applied to the top
coat to make an asphalt-like finish. Core samples confirmed strength tests of over 600 psi and axle loads of 60 tonnes.

Asphalt Overlay.

After the road cured (24 hours for immediate use and 7 days for complete curing), a 4 cm asphalt overlay was
applied to test adhesion, roughness and compressive strength. Envirotac II can be used as a complete road system
including wear course and sub-surface, or as a reinforced sub surface with a wear course overlay of asphalt or concrete.

An Envirotac II Green Road can be installed for less than 60% the cost of an asphalt road in 80% of the time.
Typical application rates are 500m x 6m per day with that section of road with an inexperienced crew and is available
for use in a few hours. An Envirotac II Green Road emits 70% less hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases
compared to a traditional road (based on California Dept of Transportation UBERMIS model).

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